Hybrid Super

Change the diaper without taking off the pants and shoes!

Hybrid diaper is designed for everyone where convenience comes into our mind first. Hybrid diapers is design to ease the change of diapers whether you are home or outside without taking off the pants and shoes. The curvy elastic and stretch panel is design to fit around the lower body to provide a snug fit and maximum comfortability to the user. Soft, breathable materials are used to further enhance the comfortability of the user. Hybrid diaper design and absorbency fits like a regular underpants while providing the maximum absorbency.

  • Anpers ComfortSoft
    Hybrid Super




Magic Layer - With ADL (Acquisition Distribution Layer)
Provides superior absorbency, faster distribution and retaining moisture and locking away wetness.
Stretchable & Breathable
Provide freedom of movement and comfortable fit, allows air flow for drier healthier skin.

Curvy Elastic - For extra protection from leak and perfect fit.

Magic Tape - Can stick on anywhere for adjustable fit.

Standing Leak-Guards provides extra protection to prevent leakage.

Soft Touch Cloth-Like - Enhanced comfort, less noisy, and easy to use refastenable tabs for multi
adjustment to ensure comfort and fit.


Hip Size
Quantity Per Carton
Anpers ComfortSoft - Hybrid Super
Regular Pack
M-12 pcs
29” - 46”
12 X 10 bags (120 pcs)
Anpers ComfortSoft - Hybrid Super
Regular Pack
L-10 pcs
45” - 61”
10 X 10 bags (100 pcs)