Adult Diaper

Disposable Diaper Type and Non Woven Fabric Material adult diaper.

1) Super Absorbent Polymer & Fluff Pulp provides superior absorbency, retaining moisture and locking away wetness.

2) Standing Leak-Guards provides extra protection to prevent leakage.

3) Refastenable Frontal Tapes for multiple times applications to get a perfect fit.

4) With printed wetness indicator OR white PE film.

5) Odour-Control polymer gel quickly locks away any unpleasant odour.

          Important Component of Adult Diaper

Closure tapes

Elastic for cuffs

Nonwoven cuffs

Nonwoven top sheet


Pulp + SAP

PE film

Leg elastic

Leg elastic

ProductRangeSizeProduct Dimension (mm)Waist/Hip Size (Inch)
Adult DiaperRegularM640 * 80026 – 40
RegularL780 * 90032 – 50
PremiumM640 * 80026 – 40
PremiumL780 * 95032 – 50
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